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Your Hosts For Your Accommodation for 2021

Chez Beaumont.
Chez Beaumont.
Front Garden

Your accommodation hosts are Clare and Peter Tilley, and your course Tutor is Glyn Smith, together they aspire to provide you with all the creature comforts and great art experiences that you could possibly want. Clare and Peter have been hosting their beautiful home, Chez Beaumont in the village of Saint Sébastien in France, for many years now, and the accommodation provides guests with a choice of a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom Gite, and/or 2 further bedrooms with shared bathroom in the house.

Your Art Tutor

Your Art Tutor, Glyn Smith is a local artist who has been tutoring art students here in the Creuse during the last three years, with great success.

friendly art tutor Glyn Smith
Your Art Tutor Glyn

Glyn is from Yorkshire and studied at Sheffield Art College for 3 years at Foundation level, and spent 18 years living in St Ives in Cornwall, where he worked, and created many art works which he sold locally. He was very much a part of the art culture there.
He enjoys guiding and encouraging artists of all levels, to help build good solid skills that will allow the artist to develop their own expression in art. Drawing and pointillism are Glyn’s own skills, however he says that he gets much more personal enjoyment, from helping others find their own talents and capabilities in art.
You will find that Glyn’s course will be very relaxed and friendly, and most likely you will find that your fellow course students become keen supporters and friends with a common aim.
Glyn’s aim is to ensure that you enjoy yourself on this course, and gain both confidence and increased skill levels.

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Photos of the Studio

Part of the Art Studio
Art Studio
Art Display and Skylight
Art Display
Janet Drawing Old Man
Artist Drawing
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More About The Area and Your Stay

We aim to make your stay with us and the art course that we offer, a time of relaxation and enjoyment. You will be immersed into the calm and beautiful area that surrounds us here in Creuse.

La Sedelle
La Sedelle

Our Guest House and Gite (Chez Beaumont) are set in the village of Saint-Sébastien, which is very near to so many of the beautiful spots, made famous by the works of the renowned artist Claude Monet.  Monet and other famous artists spent time here painting the unique settings and landscapes of the rivers Creuse and Sedelle.
The Art Course that we offer was new in 2018, and we continue to  make all efforts to ensure that you get as much out of the course as possible. Glyn Smith our tutor, will be taking you out into the countryside on 3 days of the 5 day course, so that you can get to know the places and views, and find just the right spot from where you can draw and paint as you like. Equipment will be taken with you, and picnic lunches and drinks are provided for you whilst you’re there.
At  Chez Beaumont, there is also a studio, where you will be able to work together with your fellow artists. Glyn will help and guide you in drawing and painting techniques, as necessary, aiming always to work at your pace.
Mornings and evenings, and the days that you will be in the studio, Clare your host, will be serving you with some traditional French fare, good home cooking,  accompanied in the evening by a glass or two of wine. Your Tutor, will spend time with you discussing the day’s events, and the best options for the days ahead during your stay.
You will find that your days will be catered towards your comfort and enjoyment, and it will be our pleasure to know that we have made your stay memorable.

Bridge at La Celle Dunoise
Bridge at La Celle Dunoise