Our First Spring/Summer Season in Brief


It did seem to be a slow start this first year, but we’ve had quite a few people come and visit for the one-day fixtures that are held on Tuesdays.  Our guest artists all said how much they enjoyed the day, the food, the surroundings and of course how much they enjoyed being able to focus on their art.

It was very evident that being able to relax and focus specifically on their creative energies was something that they could really only achieve away from life’s inevitable demands.

So far  we have seen mainly ladies, but a couple came to stay all last week, and they loved the experience. It’s uncanny, but the weather has always been ‘just right’.  It certainly has been great weather and generally here in St Sebastien, that’s what we do get.  It’s why we installed our swimming pool a couple of years ago. There have been quite a few swimmers among our guest artists.  I think they have appreciated eating outdoors as well, it helps extend the day’s enjoyment, being out in the fresh air for meals.

Our Summer/Autumn season starts on 16 September, and it’s always very warm then, but very calm, and of course the sunlight is more of a golden light that gives everything that lovely warm glow.  The swimming pool in late summer is really lovely, as it’s had the build up of all the summer’s heat.

Of course we will be continuing with the one day courses on Tuesdays, from Tuesday 18 September.